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Anti Money-laundering Policy


Legal Information


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This document describes Argix sp. z o.o policy and measures for the detection and prevention of anti-money laundering or terrorism financing activity (hereinafter AML) within the products and services offered by Argix sp. z o.o to its customers. Used Argix sp. z o.o methods and approaches based on the Financial Action Task Force (hereinafter FATF) and Bank Secrecy Act (hereinafter BSA) guidance and recommendations.


General Positions


Argix sp. z o.o registered in the Poland, which is a member country of the FATF and the European Union (hereinafter EU) and obliged to comply with laws and rules intended to implement the AML policies of FATF and EU. The goal of these laws is the detection and prevention of money laundering and potential terrorist financing.

Therefore, the goals of Argix sp. z o.o is implementation AML procedures and compliance with the FATF recommendations and Poland AML regulations.




This information is provided for information purposes only and is without legal recourse to Argix sp. z o.o or any of company subsidiaries, officers or agents.


Company's Procedures


With regarding FATF recommendations all procedures based on the risk-based approach. For AML compliance Argix sp. z o.o implement next procedures:

•                     Regular management and employee training;

•                     Know Your Client (KYC) Policy and Customer Due Diligence;

•                     Customer activity monitoring;

•                     Record keeping;


AML Employee Training


AML training is intended to familiarize employees with the process of money laundering — the criminal business used to disguise the true origin and ownership of illegal bills, the laws that make it a crime and approaches to investigate the suspected activity.


Know Your Customer And Due Diligence


Before start providing services and products Argix sp. z o.o ensures evidence is produced or such other measures that will produce satisfactory evidence of the identity of any customer. For this, during the process of payment, each client provides personal information, specifically: full name; complete address (city and country), phone number, city code, email.


Customer Activity Monitoring


Argix sp. z o.o provide regular monitoring of the activity of every client to identify and prevent any suspicious transactions. This monitoring provides for identification inconsistent and untypical transactions usual client's transaction history known from previous client activity monitoring.


Risk-Based Approach In Argix sp. z o.o Procedures


Identification of the AML risks of customers and transactions allow Argix sp. z o.o to determine and implement proportionate measures to control and mitigate these risks. Used risk criteria are the following: countries risk, customer’s risk. Argix sp. z o.o identify clients who reside in countries having inadequate AML standards or that may represent a high risk for crime and corruption in accordance with FATF recommendations. Customers that have high risk are public and politically exposed persons, members of their families and relatives.


Record Keeping


Argix sp. z o.o can save records of all documents and/or information obtained for the purpose of customer identification (KYC policy requirements). Argix sp. z o.o reserve the right record keeping for a minimum of 5 years. FATF or other AML regulator can increase the period of the record keeping.

In the investigation suspected activity Argix sp. z o.o reserve, the right provide the customer information of the law-enforcement agency and organizations responsible for controls AML laws.


Last update: 06.09.2018